APEG has built partnerships with international universities, companies and charities for the benefit of its students. Programs by APEG will provide the opportunity for students to access a pathway to successful entry to an undergraduate degree at some renowned universities in Australia.


APEG’s programs are accredited as National Recognised Training in Australia. This accreditation is recognised by universities in Australia as prior learning and may assist students from China gaining entry to Australian universities.

APEG enjoys significant and well-established partner relationships with renowned universities in Australia.

Partner universities of APEG have committed to recognise qualifications of our students and enable our students a more direct pathway from high school in China to courses they offer.

Should a student choose to take advantage of this relationship, our partner universities offer pastoral care and wellbeing support to make the transition to an international university a success.

We are constantly building relationships with international universities. Our current partner universities include: Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia.


We have developed partnerships with companies operating within China to provide internship opportunities for our students. These companies have committed to support our internship program, insuring that our students gain practical, relevant experience while completing their qualifications with APEG.


APEG is actively engaged in the education community in China and proudly supports the following charities: