2021.03.05 Zak Pearson

Zak Pearson

Director of Studies

Zak Pearson joined Australian Pathway Education Group in March 2021 from Hangzhou. Zak is based in our Shanghai office and often spends time at our partner schools supporting our teaching team.

Zak’s experience includes 5 years teaching economics and business-related courses in various locations in China, which included being an honorary lecturer for the University of Bolton, a program partnered in Nanchang. He has twenty years experiences in economics, operations, strategic planning, and business development.

His career has also included service in leadership roles for Fortune 100 companies in the United States of America and the Quebec government.

Zak is doctoral candidate at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, holds an MBA and BS in International Business, a TAE40116 Training and Assessment certificate from Melbourne Polytechnic, TEFL Certificate, and is a US Navy Veteran.

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